OpenRTM-aist-Java 1.2.2-RELEASE


(G) Please refer to the following page for the installation procedure.

Windows Installer

The msi file is 800MB in size. Use a high-speed line (50Mbps or more) to download in minutes.

For 64bit

Windows Installer
(including OpenRTM-aist, C++, Python,
Java version and OpenRTP,
rtshell (4.2.2))
(Visual Studio 2012, 2013,
2015, 2017, 2019)
Python-3.6 python-3.6.8-amd64.exe
Python-3.7 python-3.7.9-amd64.exe
Python-3.8 python-3.8.5-amd64.exe
CMake cmake-3.18.1-win64-x64.msi cmake
Doxygen doxygen-1.8.19-setup.exe doxygen
  • * Install Python version "3.8", "3.7", or "3.6".

For 32bit

Installer for Windows
Java version, and OpenRTP、
including rtshell(4.2.2))
(Visual Studio 2012、2013、
Python-3.6 python-3.6.8.exe
Python-3.7 python-3.7.9.exe
Python-3.8 python-3.8.5.exe
CMake cmake-3.18.1-win32-x86.msi cmake
Doxygen doxygen-1.8.19-setup.exe doxygen
  • * Install Python version "3.8", "3.7", or "3.6".

For installation, Start OpenRTM-aist in 10 minutes! page for instructions.

Linux package

We currently offer packages in the following distribution versions:
You can use the installation script distributed below to install the required packages at once.

Distribution version Bulk installation script (right click to get URL)
Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) i386 / amd64
Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) amd64
Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) amd64
Raspbian Buster armhf

By specifying options, you can now install packages that meet your needs. Please refer to Bulk installation script for installation method, options and package types.

If you have already installed 1.2.1-RELEASE, you can update it.

For Ubuntu / Debian

 $ sudo apt update
 $ sudo apt upgrade

See OpenRTM-aist (Java version) 1.2 system installation for download and installation methods.

Java development environment

The following JDK is required for the operation and development of OpenRTM-aist-Java-1.2.1.

Source code

Java version source code OpenRTM-aist-Java-1.2.2.tar.gz
MD5: 8c7ea4d4ebb162a3e8f45b1a9b2a7d81
jar file and sample
MD5: 2a20410619e51ef0898e488a2affbcff

Build from source

For information on how to build from source, see Building from source.

Create deb / rpm package

Creation of deb packages for Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora rpm packages from jar files and samples is now officially supported.
You can create a package by following the steps below. When creating a package, use the batch installation script (pkg_install_***.sh) to install the necessary packages in advance.

 $ tar xvzf OpenRTM-aist-Java-1.2.2.tar.gz
 $ unzip
 $ cd OpenRTM-aist/1.2/
 $ cp -r ../../OpenRTM-aist-Java/packages .

 When creating a deb package

 $ cd packages/deb
 $ sh

 When creating an rpm package

 $ cd packages/rpm
 $ sh

Packages are created in the pacakges directory.

* Install tools such as "dpkg-dev build-essential debhelper devscripts" when creating deb packages on Ubuntu and Debian, and "rpm-build createrepo" before creating rpm packages on Fedora. Must be kept. These can be installed by executing batch installation script with the -c option.

Release notes

Supported (build verified) OS

      • Ubuntu 16.04 i386, amd64
      • Ubuntu 18.04 amd64
      • Ubuntu 20.04 amd64
      • Raspbian Buster armhf
      • Windows-10 (32 / 64bit)


latest Releases

For Begginers

Windows msi(installer) package (only trying samples)


Development environment is required for RT-Component development. See download page for details.

Number of Projects


Motion editor/Dynamics simulator


Dynamics simulator


Integrated Development Platform

AIST RTC collection

RT-Components collection by AIST


Tokyo Opensource Robotics Association


Middleware for DAQ (Data Aquisition) by KEK